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    French for a million ideas, conceived by an eclectic mix of cultures found only in the French capital of North America (Montréal), and built from the ground up with the belief that an outfit is only as good as the small details that make it shine; Mil-Idée is the only fashion brand on a global quest to find you the perfect accessory for your distinguished wardrobe.

    Take a look at what we anticipate are going to be the newest fashions in belts going forward on our Trends page.

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    Pajar is a family owned company with a rich five generation long history of shoe-making that has developed its techniques and procedures in shoe crafting as it has grown and matured.

    Pajar’s Canada history began in Paris, France 1926 where Paul Golbert was born into an European shoe-making family. Upon his arrival to Montreal, Canada he founded the Pajar brand in 1963 using the first letters of his families first names, PAul, JAcques and Rachel.

    High fashion design coupled with state of the art technology and superior workmanship have resulted in the Pajar brand becoming known as the ‘ROLLS ROYCE’ of Canadian winter boots. Pajar has evolved as a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of performance fashion shoes, winter boots, outerwear and now accessories. The brand has has been increasingly expanding throughout the North-American and European markets.



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    Lucky 7 was conceptualized by Michael Fhima & Eric Wazana. These best friends have grown up together and adopted the Florida Beaches in their teenage years as their second home. What started out as a “Fun” project for these 80’s kids became an overnight success. Retailers and consumers immediately embraced the brand and identified with the quirky concept Lucky 7 had to offer.

    Today, almost 10 years later, Lucky 7 has become an important label for every retailer internationally in both the men and women fashion market. Quality and freshness of design are our trademark and attitude. Those who “dress to express” will find exactly what they are looking for with this label. Form fitting cuts and inspired graphics have been our formula for success. By offering multiple collections per year, Lucky 7 is positioning itself for longevity in a market highly dependant on originality and good timing.


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    PROJEK RAW strives to echo the personality of the customers; young professionals “living by the pulse of the city”. An Infectious Brand Projek Raw was born/founded in 2001 from the pure desire to design & create original unique free spirited wear. This brand is made for people who are opened minded and want to make themselves known as moving to their own beat. Developed by open minded people, ProjekRaw has made a statement and will continue to make their views and opinions known.

    Projek Raw is a brand geared towards customers ranging in age the early-twenties to mid-thirties. The goal was to target a very specific clientele that had been overlooked until then. The result: a brand with a unique and explosive style. The spark that ignited the idea for Projek Raw was the willingness to innovate in the clothing domain.


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    The Report Collection man is unique, trendy and versatile.

    He is one who takes pride in his appearance and especially his clothes. What he wears is not only an expression of himself but also a strong statement of his being. Age does not factor in this equation because it’s all about attitude! Moreover, he appreciates quality and style while recognizing exceptional value.

    Established in 1999 as a contemporary sportswear brand, the Montreal based Report Collection includes a fine selection of shirts, knits, pants, denim, leathers, suits, ties, underwear, swimwear and loungewear, with a touch of European flair. Report collection offers a combination of fashionable sportswear that emphasizes detail, fit and comfort for the style-savvy man.

    What started as a small niche is now in the process of rapid expansion. In addition to thirteen showrooms worldwide, Report Collection can be found at upscale retailers across Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Holland, U.K. and recently, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Trends in society change at a fever-pace and by keeping our ear to the ground, Report Collection allows its clientele to be up to date with the avant-garde in men’s sportswear. Each season exemplifies a unique and creative line, making Report Collection revolutionary in menswear.


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    In 1979, in the heart of Montreal’s garment district known as Cité de la Mode, Benisti Import Inc. opened the doors to Point Zero on Chabanel Street. Four years later, Beniko Inc. was established in Los Angeles to carry the Point Zero banner in the U.S. Since then, Point Zero has been a tremendous success and continues to grow each day.

    Renowned for fashion, Point Zero has become the number 1 Canadian brand name and the largest Canadian producer of men’s women’s and children’s coordinated sportswear. Point Zero’s strength and success lies in its ability to know what today’s customers want- merchandise that combines innovative styling, excellent quality at a phenomenal price.

    With comfort and quality being the essence of Point Zero, the extensive line for men, women and children features something for everyone. Point Zero has the ability to offer a wide range of fashions using different concepts from updated classics to the basics everyone needs, to items that represent the latest fashionable trends always with top-notch quality and comfort. In simpler terms, Point Zero offers luxury for everyone.